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1:2,500 (25-inch) Lincs 86.14 map, marginalia example 1

This is one (234) of two maps (235) which are part of a set acquired by the vicar of Wellingore, within a year of their publication. They were ordered from Stanfords, possibly because he insisted on the uncoloured variant (even though for these sheets the coloured version was no more expensive). The sheets have been coloured to show the vicar's glebe; perhaps he thought that having coloured buildings and roads would confuse matters.

The vicar used the set to produce a Book of Reference for the parish, listing, for each OS parcel, its area (from the maps) its owner and its occupier. The book survives. (Lincolnshire Archives, Wellingore Par/ 23 /3 /4)

The two maps reproduced here show short-lived forms of the marginalia. By early 1887, the rather obvious note 'Every parcel is numbered thus ...' was added bottom right. Then in December 1887, the price statement, which had hitherto been the bottom-most of the notes at the centre of the lower margin, was moved to top-left, where the parish name had been prior to 1884. At the same time it was made more prominent, in upper-case. Lincs 86.14 provides an example of this style.

Incidentally, the only activity that can be dated to a particular month is the colouring of the initial batch of hand-coloured maps. So the assertion that something was done in December actually means it was done in time for maps to be delivered to the colourists in December.

There may have been an adverse reaction to having the price in such a location, because about the end of the year another change was made, and the new price statement was swapped with the 'Every parcel...' note. Lincs 86.15 is an example of the new arrangement. Some such sheets are found with colouring stamps of December 1887, but there are also specimens of the older style with stamps of January 1888. An then in February 1888 a further change was made by the addition of 'All Rights of Reproduction Reserved' below the bottom-centre items. So we have two styles of marginalia that only lasted a month!