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100. One-inch Third Edition Scotland, sheet 49, overprinted with War Office British system grid (CCS 218B/49/11)

As Richard Oliver pointed out in Military maps (London: Charles Close Society, 2004, 11) "enough copies [of the military version of the one-inch Popular Edition] have been located to suggest that the first priority, in 1923-4, was for areas of particular military interest". Thus England and Wales Popular Edition sheets 99, 107, 113 to 117, 122, 123, 132, 133 and 144 were among the first published, in addition to a special map of the Aldershot Command. When it comes to Scotland, it was still more than a year before publication of the Popular Edition would even be begun, so it would be logical to assume the publication of some substitute Third Edition sheets, covering military training areas. One such has now been recorded - sheet 49, published in 1924, four years earlier than the Popular Edition maps of the area. It covers the training area at Barry Buddon, which had been sold to the War Office by Lord Panmure in 1897. Named are the artillery range, rifle ranges, Buddon Batteries, another Buddon Battery, and between them the S.N.A.A. Camp. There are further defensive positions of a Battery at Broughty Ferry and a Gun Platform at Tayport. None of these were classified as secret installations, and all of them also appeared on printings intended for public use.

From a copy in a private collection