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One-inch Old Series map of England and Wales, Isle of Man – unfinished impression

89. This, the final Old Series sheet, was published in outline form in December 1873 and with hills in February 1874. Significantly, between the two, in January 1874 falls the publication date of the first New Series sheet, 285, and with it the start of the demise of the Old Series. Thus the Isle of Man sheet, nominally Old Series sheet 100, would never carry this sheet number – indeed no number at all until 1881-2 when New Series numbers were finally added to the Old Series sheets still in use north of the Preston to Hull line. This is the earliest known printing of the map, annotated Unfinished in a contemporary hand. Incomplete elements include the border, the only lines drawn being those parallel to the neatline, with ticks added for the latitude and longitude values. Also missing are the rough ground and wood ornament, spot heights, trig heights and even some trig points. Sand ornament is complete only round the NE quarter. The name Isle of Man has yet to be engraved, also a handful of other names, the New Series cutting lines, and the sheet diagrams in the lower margin.

From a copy in a private collection