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One-inch (1:63,360) first edition map of Scotland, sheet 32, with zones of altitudes

62. An alternative to showing hill forms by hachuring is demonstrated in this sheet, where the contours have been ‘illuminated’, or ‘shaded’, as it is sometimes termed, to give the effect of relief built up by steps, rather like a relief model built up by blocks. Scotland sheet 32 was published in this style in June 1858. This is one of three recorded copies showing the sheet still in preparation, with the levels hand-coloured in increasing intensities of brown. Similar experimental work had been undertaken earlier in Ireland, and ten years later one-inch sheets covering the English Lake Districts were prepared to accompany the report of a Royal Commission on Water Supply. A block ten sheets were made to supply the district maps required; of those ten, nine were later sold to the public.

From a copy in the collection of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society