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One-inch (1:63,360) Isle of Wight

41 In September 1852 a ‘revision’ of the Isle of Wight was authorised, which seems to have taken the form of a complete resurvey, mostly at the two-inch (1:31,680) scale, but with the Queen’s estate at Osborne remapped at the 24-inch (1:2640) scale. The resurvey was engraved in outline form in the second half of the 1850s, but then work was suspended and was never resumed: this may have been because of a further resurvey of the island at 1:2500 which began in 1859 for defence planning purposes, followed by the development of the ‘New Series’ one-inch on different sheet lines. Three copies of this map are known, an original of circa 1859 in The National Archives (Public Record Office), and two copies printed in 1909, of which this is one. These later copies have been subjected to security treatment: four forts have been deleted.

From a copy now in the Map Department, Cambridge University Library, at Maps.aa.G.014.1